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Language Party

No English allowed.* Currently hosts songs in over 25 languages. Yes there is a lot of weeb shit, but also other fun music.

*It appears sometimes, but my rule is that it can’t be the majority in any one song.

♡ study shoujo ♡

Mostly a future funk playlist, sometimes lo-fi, has some other cool beats too. I work almost exclusively to this music.

I've added lots of local files to this one, so turn on "Show unavailable songs" if you'd like more recs! I periodically check Spotify to see if any of these have been added.

✧ technostalgia (weeb edition) ✧

This is for the very specific demographic of people who were big weebs in the late 2000s.

It has early Vocaloid, anime songs, meme songs (the sort of stuff that appears in Myon Myon Meme Douga), AMV songs, and the sort of music used in old Windows Movie Maker videos.