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bizarre and cursed videos

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absurdly long video essays

there is nothing i love more than wasting hours of my life listening to Some Guy rant about things i’ve probably never watched or played. so if you’re also in the market for wasting your time, here are some of my favs (sorted by length):

An Exhaustive Look at Pokémon Omega Ruby by ShayMay (7:15:29)
YMS: Kimba the White Lion by YourMovieSucksDOTorg (2:27:09)
Sherlock Is Garbage, And Here’s Why by Hbomberguy (1:49:52)
Polybius – The Video Game That Doesn't Exist by Ahoy (1:08:33)
The Engoodening of No Man's Sky by Internet Historian (53:50)
Leafy Was Here | YouTube Geographic by EmpLemon (51:52)
Purr Cat Cafe | Down the Rabbit Hole by Fredrik Knudsen (49:54)
The Witness - A Great Game That You Shouldn’t Play by Joseph Anderson (41:02)

Cameron's World: a collage/collection of archived things from Geocities. really fun to sift through.

The StoryGraph: an alternative to Goodreads with a pretty good algorithm for recs. (you can import your Goodreads data if you want to try it out)

Refold: a free resource about an immersion method for learning foreign languages.

The Website Obesity Crisis: a somewhat humorous article (adapted from a talk) about the immense amount of bloat on modern webpages.

Every Fucking Bootstrap Website Ever: i once was a web developer and it's true.

[SEVERE FLASHING/EPILEPSY WARNING] The Afterlife: what i consider to be the worst, yet funniest website of all time. many images are broken on this archive but the effect remains... (you might have to wait a minute for the autoscroll to start)

more coming soon...