the ephemeral existence of mews.


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Hello, I'm 'Mews'!

I'm an anime/visual novel liker, a language nerd, a shawol, and the kind of person who can rant at you for a while about how AMVs should definitely be considered an art form.

I created my very first internet profile in April 2006 on the long-defunct Tamagotchi Online forum, where I eventually became a mod for some reason. From then on I spent most of my time visiting YouTube and other forums/blogs, then became a very-online Tumblr person (sorry), and nowadays I pretty much hate all social media to varying degrees.

Despite all the bad things about today's corporate internet, I still get a lot of joy from finding weird stuff on it (both old and new). So maybe it's like Stockholm syndrome...

This site exists because I feel like if I can't tear myself away from the internet, I may as well try to bring back some of the fun I had back in the early days. ^^